Select Uniform


1.) What is the cycle for uniforms?


Answer - The Cycle of uniforms is every two years. Current cycle is for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons.


2.) What are the required items in the uniform kit that must be purchased?


Answer - Each player must purchase two game jerseys, one pair of game shorts, one pair of game socks, and one training T-shirt. The Backpack and Warm-ups, training shorts and training socks are optional items. 


3.) What do the uniform kits consist of?


Answer - The uniform kits from Adidas will consist of the following...

                         Two Game Jerseys                   Training Shorts (optional)

                         One Game Shorts                     Training Socks (optional)

                         One Game Socks                      Backpack (optional)

                         Warm-up Jacket (optional)          Warm-up Pants (optional)


4.) What is the cost of the entire uniform kit?


Answer – The approximate cost of the Adidas uniform kit (everything in item 3) is $250.  The cost of a training shirt (not part of Adidas kit) is $10.


5.) Will uniform orders still be purchased through Eurosport (soccer.com)?


Answer: Yes 


6.) What kind of training shirt will the club use for 2018-2019?


Answer - The Club will use the same blue shirts as used with the 2017-2018 season


7.) When will teams be able to try on uniform samples and order their kits?


Answer - The club will notify all teams of when try-ons will take place. They typically are after all tryouts have been completed and will be the first week of June.


8.)  How can parents purchase new training t-shirts?


Answer - The Club will have some training shirts in stock for parents to purchase after tryouts at uniform fittings.