Rush Policies

  1. Volunteer hours: Each family is required to contribute 4 total hours of volunteer time for their player. Families with more than one player are required to contribute 6 total hours of volunteer time. Many opportunities to volunteer will be offered throughout the year. Volunteer hours are valued at $30.00 each. Families pay for their volunteer hours upfront at registration (families with one player pay $120; families with more than one player pay $180). Refunds are issued in one hour increments ($30 at a time) and will be refunded before the end of the season.
  2. Auction requirements: The annual club auction is the primary fundraiser for the club. Each team is required to sell 6 auction tickets, and is required to contribute items for auction valued at a total of $300.00 (usually procured in 2 baskets valued at $150.00 each). Teams will receive 50% of the proceeds generated by their auction items.
  3. Raffle book: Each player is required to sell one raffle book (book of 10 tickets for $10 each) as part of the Club Raffle. For families with more than one player in Washington Rush, the requirement is 1.5 books (15 tickets) per family.
  4. Transfers/Withdrawals: A player may withdraw or transfer only IN ACCORDANCE WITH WASHINGTON RUSH POLICIES, RCL RULES, NCYSA RULES, AND WYS RULES AND AFTER MEETING HIS/HER FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS. If a player chooses to withdraw or transfer from the club an administrative fee of $50 will be added to the player's account. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AND, AS EXPLAINED ABOVE, A PLAYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ENTIRE FEE OBLIGATION (CLUB AND TEAM) BEFORE BEING RELEASED FROM THE CLUB. Players who sustain an injury during the season will not receive a refund on their player or team fees unless the injury keeps them off the field over 6 months and they provide a note from their physician. Exceptions to these rules are at the discretion of the board.