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Congratulations to the Rush Select G02A girls for a fine performance at the 2018 Starfire Collegiate Showcase tournament. They went undefeated (4-0-0) playing against very good Premier RCL teams. The girls scored 9 goals while allowing just 1. Tournament details can be found Here

Tournament Standings:
Rush Select G02A: 33pts
FWFC G02 Blue: 18pts
PacNW G02 Blue: 17pts
GS Surf G02 B: 12pts
WFC Rangers G02 Blue: 7pts

Rush Select G02A Scores:
Rush G02A 6 - WFC Rangers G02 Blue 1
Rush G02A 1 - GS Surf G02B 0
Rush G02A 1 - FWFC G02 Blue 0
Rush G02A 1 - PacNW G02 Blue 0